2016: Misc

Stuck by format, here I am supposed to surmise my year. I don’t wish to, and would feel uncomfortable doing so. I’ve catered plenty to my more narcissistic tendencies as it is. Here are two personal summations of 2016 that will service instead, two good writings from tremendous writers. From someone called Caspar Salmon, and someone called Michael Pattison.

Some further end of year, that didn’t fit anywhere else:

  • Three favourite exhibitions - the small, illuminating retro of the work of Saul Leiter at the Photographer’s Gallery, the Martin Parr curated exhibition of landscape photographs of Britain at the Barbican, Strange and Familiar, and the new video works by John Akomfrah at the Lisson Gallery.

  • Three favourite books - conquering David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest, and I think, enjoying it thoroughly, discovering the wonders of Adrian Tomine, particularly Killing and Dying, and being floored by the incredible skill of Maggie Nelson, by her latest, but moreso with Bluets.

And for my latter, wizened self, looking to timecapsule, the annual bullets:

  • visited Vienna, Bucharest for filmmaking workshops, Karlovy Vary, Sheffield and Bristol for film festivals, and Budapest for fun.

  • sat on some juries at some small festivals, handed out an award on a stage, hosted an opening party on my ones, and started viewing submissions for some festivals.

  • made a short film, worked on two others.

  • got paid to write things a few times, didn’t but wrote anyway some other times, and had something published in print.

  • persevered with some personal projects, newslettered, filmed and scrapbooked my way towards better understanding of something.

  • struggled quite a lot, without ever really understanding exactly why.

  • made a lot of new friends, kept up with most cherished ones, and got better at managing those which wouldn’t fit either of those brackets necessarily. but are nice nonetheless.